Existence so ephemeral,
We are butterflies in the universe,
Someone relishes the sight from far
For nectar of life,we flutter

Yin and Yang
A quest for Balance,
I see a tug of war
Power is today’s call

Words meant for feelings,
Too much afloat yet wasted
Millions of We race for eternal living
Our ‘I’s are too significant

We move on
leaving footsteps behind,
Rocks turn to dust
Soon there will be nothing to find.


Linked to Weekly Photo Challenge- ‘Afloat’

Afloat definition-
1. floating or borne on water
2. aimlessly drifting (and my perspective of this theme)

Thank you for reading 😀


  1. Sweetie seriously I’m a big fan of your poem!!! ❤ Every single line was very well written and it simply sent me to your world of poem when I was reading it out. Very beautiful and imagery! The picture was amazingly beautiful as usual made a perfect match to your poem 😉 I'm feeling afloat right now 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Sweetheart 😀 😀 😀 This was an interesting topic, just by reading the title, I knew I had to work on this topic or else I would miss that mood 🙂


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