Enveloped In…


Enveloped in love,brothers and sisters saving from wind

two sleepy gentle buds, tasting baby drops of rain


Enveloped in beauty, the sky puts up a show

No floral gowns nor trails, you can’t match the colors of freedom nature has bestowed


Enveloped in Vanity, I have to look the best

Always grooming, never ending, when will I show the world


Enveloped in Challenges, I will rip through the storm

I will rule the thunders for ‘I’ am the sky, such is the norm.

Linked to Weekly Photo Challenge-Enveloped .


Thank you for reading 🙂


  1. Very beautifully written and your photos are just getting more and more beautiful each time you post dear!!! ❤ First two photos are definitely my favourite, very well captured the water drops on the rose!!! It's so amazing to look at ❤ Keep up the good work photographer Ady! 😉

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