The Dangerous Jobs As A Consumer


If anyone has been keeping tabs of recent news about India, they will know a small kind of food revolution has started. Where will it stop, I don’t know but brands like Nestle, Haldirams etc etc which are one of the most trusted brands for decades now have finally displayed how worthless they consider the lives of Indians and how we have continued to pay them for our lives to experimented !

Instant noodles were indeed part of my growing up too like every other kid. It has played the roles of breakfast, snack, even lunch and dinner in my life ! Where in hostels, kitchen wasn’t available, Maggi was a food which I could make in my electric kettle ! And now I realize I was being poisoned through my whole life !

Where as Food industry like every other industry has to aim for profits but they forget the first foundations, Food and health… A torn shirt made from cheap fabric can be thrown and new can be bought. But by adulterating the food, you are playing with the lives of people.

The industries try to keep a profit margin of 100% and more but the greed has exponenially increased in the past many years. Every few months, I had observed the prices incremented at a geometric progression. We can buy milk at 30rs per litre watered milk from the milkman but we are paying you more than twice of it and for what ? God knows how many days old Watered milk+ detergent powder + more of it !

The irony is recently US food division rejected the samples from Indian snacks and noodles saying they had pesticides, rotten things and were unsafe for human consumption and the industries gave the excuse that ‘They are in permissible limits according to Indian standards’  Apparently we are not human beings even if we are paying any amount for it. They even admitted that they need pesticides to make food ! Where does the profit limit end ?

Now comes the question, do you know what you are eating ?

Salt– Strange, right ? But even the most reputed brands have dirt in salts, like threads, black flakes ! Try dissolving them in a little water and filtering before using them latest while cooking.

– If anyone is living in New Delhi(India) and nearby areas or anywhere with polluted rivers around, avoid watermelons and similar because the farmers plant the crop on the sandy banks of extremely polluted river Yamuna and as a result the watermelons have high amount of leads and other toxic substances in them.

Biscuits & bread– Read before you buy, many biscuits claim they are whole wheat and fibers and will boost your health incredibly but once you go through the ingredients, you will find only 2% -5% is whole wheat, rest is plain all-purpose flour(maida) !

Milk, as I have said earlier about, I don’t know what to suggest. Tetra packs are long lasting and claim of purity but everything is not what it seems. If you get a good source for fresh milk, the milkman is a better option in that case.

Mangoes– Life’s pleasures are really halved when you can’t even eat them the way they should be eaten ! With artificial methods of ripening, high amount of carbide are found on the skins of fruits. Soak them for few hours and then try peeling them before eating.

Apples & similar– Apple skins are beneficial but not after they are dipped in chemicals for artificial coloring !

Eating out ? remember the restaurants food tantalize the taste buds better because of the hidden ingredients like Monosodium glutamate or ajinomoto etc . And if you thought only Chinese cuisines have it, they are even added to Indian food from your Paneer curry to Dosa-Sambar !

Drinking Water – Get the quality of your drinking water tested. If it has more than permissible amounts of dissolved minerals, RO water purifiers are a good means for safer water.

Fruit Juice – Brands earlier selling 100% fruit juice have now made the juice as fruit drinks added with sugar, and with the covering exactly the same, one won’t know the difference. Check the contents every time even if you have been drinking the same brand over years !

Scared ? Don’t be …

Look out for alternate healthy means of breakfast and some of them are as quick as instant noodles ! Long live Google. 😉

Some food like bread, snacks can be prepared ahead. How about some experiments in kitchen this weekend ? You are going to discover flavors thousand times tastier and that too with simple ingredients at hand !

I will try to post some recipes in future. For start, here’s my No oven-bread recipe .

—–We are humans, we do care about us 🙂 —–



  1. It’s true that food industries have been playing around for many years (awful facts)!!! I knew how bad instant noodles long back, so I rarely eat it. However, there are way too many poisoned food which I have no idea how to avoid 😦 Great post dear! 😉

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  2. Excellent post Ady! It is true, we are poisoned on a regular basis so the big people can make more money. For years my daughter ate only instant noodles when she came home from school. I wonder how good they are now? As for myself, I cannot eat many foods now, I suspect because of all the additives, or in the case of meat, all the meds given to the animals.

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  3. Nestlé is really messing with India’s waste in taking it to be bottled, when you’re county is in a drought! How sad! I’ve tried to stop using the company, but they own everything! So heard to avoid.
    France just banned round up (Glyphosate) use everywhere! Go France! Hopefully other counties will follow.
    Great article, sad story 😢

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    • Exactly !! The own almost everything !!! But this one has real highlighted the carelessness of packaged food industry worldwide now. May be companies will start changing their attitude 🙂 Thank you for reading Gal 😀

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  4. Oh my goodness! That is frightening! Strange things go on with food here in the US but I think consumers are wising up and forcing (or at least trying) to change the practices of the growers and manufacturers. I can purchase a loaf of 100% whole wheat bread here for “twice the price” of regular whole wheat bread. Sad isn’t it?

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    • Here too we pay 100% whole wheat at twice the price but somehow I am scared by the thought that they might be messing too just because we are Indians and ignorant ! Thank you so much for reading 🙂

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    • We can’t eat packaged food, we can’t eat fruits and vegetables because of pesticides , we can’t drink milk…. Is anything left except water ? 😀


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