The Joy in Halves


Sometimes we desire, ‘Why get half , why can’t we get it all ? ‘ ‘Half and Half ‘ the very topic of Weekly Photo challenge made me think of this; what’s in a half ?

Call it finding an answer in a picture, even though far apart, it’s through the other half that the one half was complete, so different the emptiness, blank sky and it highlighted the trees even more. May be in life as well after going through a period of darkness we find the counterpart, ‘Happiness’ so more beautiful and significant.


P.S A little news, I am off to my hometown for a wedding in a day. So, I may not be able to read your blogs regularly in next 2 weeks. But like usual, I promise to catch up with you soon . Save some good stories for me 😀 😀

Wish you some happy weeks ❤ ❤ ❤




  1. So true dear! I love your positive attitudes towards the “half and half” explanation 🙂 Picture perfect with a great composition!!! I can’t help it, but to fall it love with it ❤ Good job sweetie! Have a wonderful time at the wedding! 😉

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