Silence is a mood

When I sit back and think, what Silence means to me, has it always has the same meaning and pattern ? The more I think, the more it feels divergent. And it feels more like a mood, a state of mind.

Somedays, the Silence comes with a wait. Sitting and waiting for something about to happen. Just before the chaos, that moment of silence when without any words, I feel slowly becoming one with nature, exchanging thoughts and ultimately reaching the same quietude as a fallen leaf.


Silence comes with pain. And then I look at bare trees and believe they can feel my heart too. My mind slowly let goes of the chaos and I stand blank, silent, sad and I know I chose this silence not to feel better by watching a nice scenery but to feel as much pain as I can at the moment and let go of everything at once in the next moment and cry or scream it out and then feel better.


And then there is yet another kind of Silence which I choose because I am in a mood for positivity. Today is the not the day I want to give up and drown myself in tears. Today I go to a place where I was happy once and find my courage again. My spirit flows like the river and my heart floats with the clouds.


Silence, that comes with the night. Everything starts dozing off except the moon which is still cradled between the twigs like a newborn baby and it begins it’s yet another solo journey . I wonder about the wonderful sights it will see tonight.


Maybe Silence is what defined by the human mind. And the Silence in turn defines the human mind.



  1. A beautiful moon photo and a very poetic description. Silence has always been my good friend; I think better when it’s around. It makes quiet suggestions & stimulates my brain. The best moment of the day is gliding silently into the garden when darkness still cloaks the morning & before the birds start to sing. It is that blue velvet moment waiting for the orchestra to start its dawn performance. In that quiet solitude is when I feel truly alive.

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    • That’s a beautiful way to experience Silence πŸ™‚ It has been long since I heard the chirrup of birds but I can now remember, that moment of dawn is beautiful ❀


  2. Silence can have many different feelings. I like how you touch on them all. But I hope today your silence is warm and comfortable. Beautiful photos, as always Ady πŸ™‚
    And Spring is just about to burst forth and brighten the landscape. πŸ™‚

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  3. Poignant! I liked this very much Ady and the photos really augmented the words! I find that during winter months (when I used to live in countries with seasons), I tend to get melancholic during winter months. Oh…I hear Spring is in the horizon! How quickly time flies!

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