A Word with New Followers

Ok, Time to add something new. This is something both you and I have come across with

People have followed me so that I will add them back. You are not wrong there. I am not here to showcase only myself; I am here to know what you think too. Pressing the follow button ends a process for you may be. But,it starts an adventure for me. I regularly watch out what you write and I am not parsimonious in pressing the like button or writing a few words in appreciation when I love your posts.

I am not concerned with how many followers I have.Many might be disinclined to follow me after this. I would rather have a handful of people to actually being able to interact with rather than a big number to display. Following a blog also means you are making a friend !

Having said all this,I thank you for visiting. I am no heckler, I just want to assert to understand the value of writing not only of yours but others as well.

Thank You,

Ady 🙂